Results - Twynham Primary School


At the end of Year Two teachers are required to report their teacher judgements against assessment criteria laid down by the Standards and Testing Agency (DfE). The teachers assess the children using evidence from the children’s work and through the use of national standardised assessment tests. Included in the table below is national data for 2017. 
The 2017 results for our Year Two children were as follows: 

  School Outcomes 2017 National Outcomes 2017
Reading 73% EXS+ 76% EXS+
23% GDS 25% GDS
Writing 77% EXS+ 68% EXS+
20% GDS 16% GDS
Maths 73% EXS+ 75% EXS+
7%GDS 21% GDS
Science 90% EXS 83% EXS


EXS+  At Age Related Expectation and above          

GDS  Working at greater depth 

2017 results for Phonics Screening for Year One children 

  School National
Phonics passes 97% 81%

To see the DfE performance tables, please click here.