Music Tuition

In addition to our high-quality 2588 Twynham 109whole-class music lessons, we are able to offer children in Years 1-5 the opportunity to learn to play an instrument. We value music highly at Twynham Primary School, working closely with the Twynham School Music Department to provide highly skilled peripatetic music teachers.

There are many benefits to learning a musical instrument – coordination, memory, resilience and perseverance, to name but a few, as well as laying the foundations2588 Twynham 104 for a lifetime of enjoying playing music. Starting to learn an instrument at a young age is particularly beneficial.

In our extra-curricular music lessons, students are taught in small groups of two to four children. Should your child wish to learn an instrument, they will receive 10 termly lessons of 20 minutes’ duration, which will take place after school as an extra-curricular activity. 

We will be expanding the range of musical instruments offered as the ages of the children in the school increase. 2588 Twynham 110These are payable through ParentPay. There is support available for this cost for some students – please enquire at reception.

If you would like to discuss any aspect of music tuition, please feel free to come into school to do so.