If your child needs any medication whilst at school, you must:

  • give written permission
  • complete a form from the school office, or by downloading it from the links on the left and filling it in.
  • hand the medicine to our administrative staff.

Medicines which need to be given three times a day can usually be managed at home and will not be administered at school unless there is a special reason.

Inhalers and Epipens

If your child needs an inhaler for asthma or an epipen, your doctor will prescribe an extra one which can be kept at school.

Our children are young and we do not allow them to carry any medication themselves. We have arrangements in place for children who have an epipen and who have severe asthma so medication can be close at hand.

If your child has been unwell

Please help us by not sending your children to school if they are unwell. If your child has had sickness or diarrhoea, he/she will need 48 hours at home afterwards.

If your child becomes ill during the day

If a child becomes unwell during the day we try to contact the parent so that the child may be taken home.

Accidents at school

Staff are available to give immediate first aid if a child has an accident. If the accident is serious the parent will be informed as soon as possible but if the accident is minor the parent will be informed at home time. In our first aid procedures, a note will be put in the child’s book bag to ensure parents are aware of the injury. Accidents are recorded in an accident book. We have a number of qualified first aiders on the staff and a first aid station in the school office.

It is essential that we have two emergency contact numbers in case of illness or accident. Please let us know at once if these numbers change for any reason.

Head lice

This is a nationwide problem which affects all schools. It can be treated simply and effectively and information can be obtained from the school office. Supplies of the appropriate treatments are available (free for children) on prescription from your family doctor if you have a severe and recurring infestation. Once a child has been treated they can return to school. Please let us know if your child is suffering with this problem so we can discreetely warn other parents. All parents and carers are expected to check their children’s hair on a regular basis.